Chelmsford, Essex

Canine Physiotherapy

Canine physiotherapy sessions are mobile and take place in your own home, ensuring the session is as stress-free as possible for your dog. A quiet room away from other pets and people and a soft, non-slip surface is required for treatment, such as a blanket. The therapist will provide vet bed if required.

An initial assessment and treatment session will last approximately one hour. This will include history taking, a thorough assessment of your dog’s gait, muscle palpation, joint range of motion assessment, followed by a treatment session tailored to your dog’s needs. Treatment may include a combination of massage, passive range of motion, stretching and electrotherapies. A home exercise programme will also usually be prescribed and demonstrated to promote rehabilitation and conditioning. Follow-up sessions as required will usually last approximately 45 minutes. Consent from your dog’s Veterinarian is required before commencement of any treatment.

Reasons your dog may require veterinary physiotherapy treatment include:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Conservative management of an injury or long term condition
  • Maintenance and injury prevention
  • Fitness and conditioning for working or sporting dogs